Concurso para Atribuição de Bolsas de Investigação para Doutoramento - 2020

The submission deadline was postponed. The new application deadline is April 28, 2020 (5:00 pm, Lisbon time).

FCT recommends you to update your CIÊNCIAVITAE CV and carefully read the Application Guide and the CIÊNCIAVITAE Guide, in particular the definition of “public” and “semi-public” information, which will be determinant for the evaluation of your application.

Please submit your application in a timely manner, avoiding any eventual constraints resulting from the large number of simultaneous users near the deadline for the call.


The 2020 Call for PhD Scholarships aims to support researchers of any nationality and stateless individuals, in all areas of knowledge, who wish to develop research work leading to a PhD degree.

Research activities may be carried out in any environment of production and dissemination of knowledge, national or international, including higher education institutions, R&D units, Associated Laboratories, Collaborative Laboratories, Interface Centres, State Laboratories and other public research institutions, hospitals and healthcare units, other Public Administration entities or private non-profit institutions developing R&D activities, companies acknowledged for their scientific interest or consortia that includes any of the mentioned institutions.

The work plan may be entirely or partially carried out in a national institution (studentship in Portugal or both in Portugal and abroad, respectively), or entirely in a foreign institution (studentship abroad).

Applicants have to comply with the following:

  • Not have held any prior FCT-funded PhD or PhD in Industry studentship of any duration;
  • Hold a status of long-term residents in Portugal in case the work plan will be carried out entirely or partially at foreign institutions.

Before submitting your application, FCT recommends the careful reading of the following documents: Notice of the Call, Annex I of the Notice of the Call (Evaluation Guide), Application Guide, Research Fellowships Statute and Research Fellowship Holder Statute.

The Call is open from March 2nd to 5:00 pm (Lisbon time) of 28th April 2020.

Information related to the application procedure or application form may be required via email to This will be the only communication channel for questions related to filling in the application form.

To clarify any doubts about the creation and management of your CV, CIÊNCIAVITAE platform has a helpdesk available through the email:

We recommend the careful reading of all documents available at myFCT portal and FAQs (available here), before contacting us.