Call for the Exploratory Research Projects under the MIT Portugal Program - 2022

The Call aims to support Exploratory Research Projects under the 2022 MIT Portugal Programm within the following thematic areas:

  • Climate Science & Climate Change
  • Earth Systems: Oceans to Near Space
  • Digital Transformation in Manufacturing
  • Sustainable Cities
  • Data Science

Projects may be presented “individually” or in “co-promotion” with a maximum duration of 12 months and the maximum funding per project is € 50.000.

The budget allocation for this call is of € 400.000 distributed by  by group of thematic areas as follows:

  1. Climate Science & Climate Change: €100.000
  2. Data Science: €100.000
  3. Earth Systems: Oceans to Near Space, Digital Transformation in Manufacturing and Sustainable Cities: €200.000

If the budget allocation stipulated for the 1st and 2nd area is not exhausted, the remaining amount will be transferred to the 3rd area.

The approved projects will be funded by national funds through the FCT budget.

Research teams, from the following non-entrepreneurial Portuguese of the entities R&I System, can apply for funding:

  • Higher education institutions, their institutes and R&D units;
  • State or international laboratories with a head office in Portugal;
  • Non-profit private institutions whose main object is R&D activity;
  • Other non-profit public and private institutions developing or participating in scientific research activities.

For more information see the call page.

For inquires of scientific nature, please contact the MIT Portugal program at:

For specific information related to the application submission, please contact us at: